Do More Good

Nanfang’ao Bridge after its collapse (CNA)

People crossing cultures talk a lot about bridges. But for there to be a bridge, both ends require a strong foundation. Most people only have one end. Maybe they join forces to build bridges that lean too much on one side (both blueprints for trouble). God save you if you’re stuck between both sides when the bridge collapses.

In writing, I map some frequently attempted crossings to build stronger foundations.

My motivation is from a time when I didn’t have enough of it to help everyone. There’d be too little left for me. I realized setting an example is not enough. I needed a better philosophy. I had to find another way. So, I went back to my core values.

Whenever we’re not sure what to do, choose the option that does the most good.

Sharing lessons from my journey strengthens foundations for bigger bridges. It’s a way of teaching culture, how to live it, and, doing the most good.