I made my future about the future. From Taiwan, a major center for high-tech manufacturing, I look at how systems work together for smart facilities in the semiconductor industry.

Master of ceremonies at SEMICON Taiwan. Closing remarks.

My recent focus is event-driven management of systematic risk (i.e. COVID-19) on business continuity planning. How to quickly return to business-as-usual after unpredictable things happen.

Previously in Taiwan, I worked on an electric vehicle charging startup and startup accelerator programs for universities.

In the U.S., transaction advisory put me at the intersection of finance, operations, strategy for buyers and sellers of private companies ranging from startups to growth-stage. I also had a full career in strategic communications, notably crisis management.

Reach out if I can be of help. You can also find me at All Hands Taiwan panel discussions or on a hike with Peak Taiwan. Join us!

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